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Rehabs in Prince William

Rehabs in Prince William

It’s no news that substance abuse can have devastating effects on individuals, their families, and close ones. Yet, the issue still remains a hot topic across all the states in the US. The state of Virginia is no exception, having more than 200 addiction treatment centers to offer various types of services in harmony with the patient’s needs. 

In this article, we will talk about rehabs in Prince William County, in particular. 

Drug & Alcohol Use in Prince William County 

This is the second most populated county in the state of Virginia. Obviously, substance abuse has relatively higher rates here compared to others. As of 2016-2018, there were over 187 deaths per 100,000 residents due to opioid overdose. In addition, from 2014 to 2018, alcohol-impaired driving caused over 30 deaths. 

In efforts to shorten these statistics, many health restorative spots and counseling services have been created. For instance, the Department of Community Services is there to take care of the individuals who are directly or indirectly affected by the following issues. 

To unveil the main types of rehabs and treatment options, check out the next paragraphs. 

Evaluation Process 

To start with, patients undergo an evaluation process. This is an assessment program to evaluate the depth and the severity of a person’s addiction, as well as its effects on his/her personal life. 

Once the assessment is done by professionals, you receive a full recovery plan according to your needs. 

To get a drug and alcohol evaluation in Prince William County, you should select consulting services from certain clinics. You will go through the following procedures: 

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Medical history check
  • Recovery plan

The first thing is to understand whether the percentage of alcohol/drug use falls under the notion of addiction. If the problem is definite, they move on to the assessment with interviews and written forms.

The goal of the next phase is to reveal diagnosable problems that the patient may have. After the whole interview and medical history check, the professionals will suggest a recovery plan. 

Prince William County Rehab Facilities

There are various options of treatment that don't necessarily include everyday appointments. Mainly, you may choose one of the following substance-free recovery options for you: 

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient

An inpatient program assumes living in the facility where treatment for substance use occurs. The data shows that this is especially suitable for patients who suffer from mental health issues in addition to severe cases of addiction. Staying at the facility can be beneficial to avoid temptations because a person is surrounded by a healthy environment every day. There are both long-term and short-term stays for inpatient programs. 

Outpatient programs may include therapy and counseling. This allows being at home with children and family members or doing everyday duties while also attending therapy sessions regularly. There may be both group counseling and individual approach to a person. 

To add up, keep in mind that there are different treatment types. However, most of them mainly include the following steps of the healing process: 

  • Detoxing the body from alcohol or drugs
  • Therapy sessions to fight the temptation of using them again
  • Various methods to be sober when coming back to society

Insurance Coverage 

Health insurance plans generally cover the costs of rehabilitation. This can be based on many factors such as the cost of recovery, the type of facility you picked, etc.

In case you don’t have insurance, there are still many options for you. To go to rehabs in Prince William County, VA, without insurance, you should opt for state-funded or low-cost places. Here are some examples of them: 

  • Center for Behavioral Health
  • Bridging the Gaps
  • Living Free Health Services