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Rehabs in Clarke

Rehabs in Clarke

Clarke is a county located in Virginia, U.S. With only 178 square miles, it is one of the smallest counties in the state of Virginia. The population is slightly over 14,700. Overall, according to recent calculations, there are 4,950 households and 3,515 families in Clarke.

Although it is small in area, the different fields are developed and in constant growth. Of course, there are still minor and serious issues demanding attention from the government. Drug addiction is one of the main issues in healthcare that local authorities try to handle and minimize the consequences.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

The opioid epidemic has influenced the whole country, including the state of Virginia. Only in one year, the average number of overdose cases exceeded 1,500, which is almost double the number compared to the prior years. The main ones are fentanyl, heroin, and opioids.

Although all ages are affected by opioid overdoses, the average most affected age group is from 25 to 34. Clarke County, as a part of Virginia, has also faced an increase in substance abuse and fatal overdose cases.

As a solution to the situation, the local authorities, in collaboration with Clarke County rehabs, offer various services and health opportunities, all directed at the elimination of the cases.

Rehab Programs in Clarke County

Finding a reliable center with well-developed healing programs and diverse offerings is the essential step for recovery. Under high-quality medical supervision, it will be easier to fight your battle against substance abuse.

As in most of the states, in Virginia, the drug addiction programs are mainly two – Inpatient and outpatient. Of course, every center has its additional services that complement the main treatment plans, however, the prevailing options remain Inpatient and outpatient care.

One of the specialized institutions that provide quality and inclusive services is Grafton Inc Berryville Campus.

The process always begins with detox and is concluded with aftercare, also crucial for a full recovery.


Detox is the initial step when the organism is cleansed from all the drugs that the client has consumed. The main aim of detox is managing withdrawal symptoms without difficulties and putting the person’s health in danger. The duration of detoxification and elimination of the withdrawal symptoms largely depend on the drugs consumed. It may last from several days to months.

Detox is safe only under the supervision of professionals. Otherwise, the consequences might be dire.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

Some patients, when first starting their treatment, do not have much knowledge about the available treatment programs and which one will be more suitable for them. Based on the addiction severity, the person’s health condition, substance use history, and many other aspects, specialists will lead and advise the clients on the right program.

Generally, inpatient care is developed for people with severe addictions. The support is residential 24/7 under the attention of the medical staff. The period of the stay depends on the person’s health and substance abuse history. The minimum stay lasts 30 days, whereas, for more serious cases, it can last 60 or 90 days, and sometimes up to a year.

Outpatient care, on the other hand, is a lot easier, taking only several hours a day. This means that it enables clients to go on with their lives. The outpatient option is very efficient and has many advantages, however, it is still good only for lighter cases, and for some people, it might have next to zero use.

Aftercare in Clarke County

The treatment process is lengthy and time-consuming, so people count minutes to at last be back to their normal schedule. This is the reason why many people choose to dodge aftercare. However, aftercare is the last touch to the already obtained good results.

Each center has its range of aftercare services, yet the most common are psychological counseling, one-on-one or group therapies, and other courses prepared by each center.

Addiction Treatment Costs

It is not a secret that any treatment demands a lot of time, dedication, and funds. Medical services are costly, and addiction services are no different. The average cost for an outpatient plan starts from $4,000.

Inpatient treatment is more expensive ranging up to $20,000 for only 30-day support. For serious cases, the costs might be insane. Yet, health is one of the few things where saving money is not a good idea.