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Rehabs in Floyd

Rehabs in Floyd

Floyd county is a region located in Virginia, USA. 15,476 people live there as of the 2020 Census. The town of Floyd serves as its regional capital. The district is known for its true beauty, famous for its friendliness, flourishing arts, cuisine, wine industry, and outdoor sports.

Yet, just like any part of nowadays world, it has a lot of problems, one of which is substance abuse. According to the statistics, about 10% of females and 16% of males have a dependency in Floyd, while in the state it's only 5% of females and 10 % of males with a dependency.

Fortunately, there are Floyd county rehabs to help those people who have substance dependency.

Available Treatment Options

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in this area serve locals at all phases of substance misuse and addiction. So, not only those who have already reached a critical point due to drug dependence may get help.

Each stage of the addict's life is harmed by the addiction. So, the sooner addict enters drug rehab, the less harm will be done. At the same time, a lot of people delay starting their medical care and may even pass away as a result of the crisis.

They used to downplay their problem or even feel guilty or ashamed about them. Thus, having family and friends at your side is important. They ought to be aware that the issue is urgent and seek out qualified help.

Detoxification, outpatient and inpatient, post-treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and other services are provided by rehabs in or close to Floyd county.


Detoxification is the process of removing harmful toxins from the body under medical supervision. The majority of the time, it causes unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, progressing further to this point without the assistance of trained medical professionals is dangerous. Symptoms may cause extreme pain or even death.

Detoxification is the cornerstone of any therapy. It also increases self-confidence and prevents relapses.

Inpatient Program

Continual assistance and care from licensed medical professionals are part of inpatient therapy. Patients live in a safe, well-equipped building with various amenities.

Individual and group therapy, 12-step care plans, and life skills training are among the services provided. Services for stress alleviation and amusement are also available to patients.

This kind of therapy can last anywhere from three weeks to many months. It is, however, the quickest path to recovery.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient care is ideal for persons who just have a mild addiction. Also, addicts can come across top-notch, intensive outpatient treatments.

Due to its adaptability, patients receive therapy while working or attending school. They do not have to remain at the hub. Instead, they just make 3-5 trips to the hub each week and take part in lengthy sessions.

Payment Options

Before you can calculate the cost of rehab, you must first evaluate your options based on the services each facility offers. Your therapy's cost will vary depending on several factors. It depends on how long you remain, the type of recovery you select, and the level of care you get.

Utilization of private health insurance is not uncommon. To confirm or inquire about the service, they phone the number. They might also learn whether the PPO or HMO will cover some of the costs.

For a 30-day program, some inpatient recovery centers may charge around $7,000. Popular facilities often charge up to $20,000 for a 30-day program. The average cost for people needing 60 or 90-day programs can be between $10,000 and $65,000.

Forcing a Teen Into Rehab

The most painful and difficult time is when your teen first develops an addiction. The parent has a dual responsibility to address and resolve this problem.

Remember that you must take your child to therapy as soon as you realize this and get them properly checked. Try to convince your teen without pushing him/her, and attempt to get along with. Children must have faith in you and recognize your loyalty to them.

The rehabilitation institution should be carefully and responsibly chosen, as this is the most important factor. Check the professionals' success rates in treating teenagers in the past.

Luxury Centers

There are places with high-end services in every county, but not all inhabitants can afford them. However, patients prefer visiting these clinics because they offer a wide range of expensive services. The benefits of those facilities include:

  • Personalized treatment

  • Private housing

  • Privacy as a priority

  • High staff-to-client ratio

  • Availability of executive programs

Skyline Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

This is one of the upscale clinics in the county. Here patients have access to the following services:

  • Treatment approaches

  • Facility ownership

  • License/Certification/Accreditation

  • Special programs

  • Assessment/pre-treatment

  • Screening

  • Peer/mentoring support

  • Remedy for non-substance use dependence problem

Address: 237 Franklin Pike SE Floyd, VA, 24091-2893