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Rehabs in Powhatan

Rehabs in Powhatan

Powhatan County is located in Virginia, U.S. It is a small province with a 30,033 population. The seat is in Powhatan.

It is a quite populous province among tourists and families relocating, But the fact is the county has a major issue of substance abuse. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), residents of this province are at a high risk of abusing illicit drugs. Furthermore, approximately 57% of residents have tried heroin at some point. The fatality rate is also rising, primarily as a result of drunk driving.

Hence, the VA Department of Health and Powhatan County rehabs have developed treatment programs to reduce these numbers. They also organize educational campaigns to support sober living.

Substance Misuse Level Evaluation

Whenever the patient starts a recovery path, the initial step will be completing the assessement. Thus, they will determine the dependency level. Addiction is frequently accompanied by mental issues, thus, specialists advise checking for any co-occurring diseases.

Generally, the evaluation may include meetings with therapists and advisors. However, in some specific cases, there are also some lab tests the client needs to take. The results of this analysis will help the therapist to create a customized treatment plan. Later the patient needs to follow it when enrolling in the main treatment plan.

Treatment Programs in Powhatan County Rehabs

There are not many rehab facilities in Powhatan but patients still have a few options to choose from. Most often, the clinics here often offer outpatient services. For example, the Chesterfield Department of Mental Health Support is an outpatient clinic offering mental health support programs. If looking for residential care, clients are welcome to look for one in nearby cities.


Almost all cases of addiction require detox as the first step in recovery. It eliminates toxins from organisms. Later, it ensures that the client is ready for more intensive therapies. Detox has some drawbacks, such as pain and cramping, which necessitate medical supervision.

Residential or Outpatient Care

After detox, the therapist will guide the patient to enter either residential or outpatient care. However, there is no residential care facility in Powhatan. However, the clients can look for one nearby. The main difference between these two types is that outpatient care is designed for more mild cases. Moreover, it doesn’t require a 24/7 stay at the facility. But people enrolled in this program have total access to group and individual counseling. The centers also provide therapeutic classes if you need any.

Region Ten Community Services Board provides therapeutic classes for anger or violence management. It also focuses on mental health supervision and support.


The healing doesn’t end up in an outpatient facility. To avoid relapses, the therapist may suggest enrolling in an aftercare project. These may include alumni programs, sober living houses, group meetings, and so on. This will enable people struggling with addiction to stay sober. They can meanwhile exchange the experience with other people.

Payment Options and Prices

The costs of recovery are primarily determined by the facility chosen. Besides, it may be affected the required therapies. In this county, there are free rehab options as well. However, the spaces are limited and it’s pretty difficult to get access to them.

The average cost of recovery may range between $800 to $35,000 based on the patient’s needs. Luxury rehabs are the most expensive, as they provide not only therapies but also housing options in a luxurious setting.

Currently, the local government has gone above and beyond to make healing accessible to all. If a client has an insurance coverage option, he/she can try to cover the expenses with it. If not, they should see if they are eligible for federally funded programs like Medicaid or Medicare. Most rehabs offer a sliding fee scale based on the patient’s financial situation and healthcare goals.