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Rehabs in Scott

Rehabs in Scott

Scott County is located in Virginia, U.S. It has a total area of 539 square miles. Over 21,500 people live in this region. Gate City is the county seat.

Currently, the county also has significant medical healthcare problems. Recent data from Virginia's Health Department show a 14% increase in overdose deaths. The majority of fatal accidents are still caused by drunk driving. Given these statistics, Scott County rehabs provide aid to the community through educational programs and comprehensive treatment options.

Stages of Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance misuse care is a long process. It becomes possible only through several vital and effective stages. Each stage has a leading role in the recovery process and must be completed on time.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Level Evaluation

When a person attends a rehab center, the therapist will need some data on his/her health condition. It is for making a proper care plan and treatment options. Thus, patients need to undergo evaluation. The 60-90 minutes meeting undergoes between a patient and a counselor. The counselor gets to know the addiction history and any mental issues through simple conversation.

Generally, different counselors use different tools, but they all follow the same purpose. All the assessment result depends on the patient, as only he/she is to provide details on the abuse. The results of the evaluation, later, will guide the patient through the required care program.


Any recovery program requires the patient to first get rid of toxic substances. It is possible through detox. After deciding to return to the sober lifestyle one stops using a substance, it causes dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Those symptoms interfere with the healing process. That is why managing them is a must before the medication stage. Depending on the case, the detox duration may vary between 3-7 days.

Inpatient Rehab Centers

Drug and alcohol abuse must be healed with medical supervision. Residential rehabs are the best choices for providing 24-hour live-in facility quality care. Taking into account a patient's personal needs they make an individualized care plan. Very often substance misuse may lead to other mental health problems and disorders. They can be revealed through dual diagnosis. So, inpatient programs generally treat both addiction and co-occurring diseases.

Recovery Helpline is an inpatient rehab center in Scott County with many locations. They offer all the recovery stages under one roof. As an all-in-one clinic, it deals with mental health problems and various disorders.

Outpatient Rehab Centers

In contrast to residential rehabs, they provide care programs on a part-time basis. If a patient is qualified for the outpatient clinic, it means his/her case is milder. Thus, several hours of therapy a week are quite enough for achieving sobriety. All in all, the care structure is like that of inpatient rehab. They also provide aftercare programs for relapse prevention.


In general, rehabilitation costs vary depending on the patient's needs. Sometimes, there may be clients that cannot afford the whole recovery. Almost all clinics accept payment through insurance or financial aid programs. They also have payment aid programs. Generally, care in Scott County rehabs ranges from being free to $100-$4,000 per month.

For people who want to recover in a more luxurious setting, there are luxury rehabs available. Having upscale amenities and more therapies they also offer pastime services and recreational activities. Yet, they cost way more and the monthly payments may reach even $100,000.

Teen Rehabs

Being the most difficult age group, teens are also at a high risk of addiction. In Scott County, most rehabs offer specialized programs for teens. This may include family support and individual therapies. The main issue remains to help the teen enter a recovery center. Yet, if the convincing doesn’t work, the local law enables to force the minors to recover.