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Rehabs in Louisa

Rehabs in Louisa

Having a rich history and diverse heritage Louisa is a county in the US state of Virginia. It is worth mentioning that the county is a genealogy goldmine. The county seat is Louisa.

Based on the 2020 census over 37,500 residents live in its total area of 511 square miles. The county attracts many people to come and experience the sense of peace and beauty of rural life.

Everything would be better if the county would not have a dangerous medical concern. It is the dependence on multiple drugs and alcohol which has only had rising rates.

Unluckily, the county could not prevent the epidemic. The reason is being a part of a country that has a high ranking in substance misuse. However, many Louisa County rehabs have been constructed. They provide recovery programs to men, women, teenagers, and adults.

Substance Misuse Recovery Stages

To gain your desired sober living you must get ready to pass through several stages. Each of them has a very important mission in the recovery journey.

Assessment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

To have the best treatment option one must get his/her disease assessed which is the most important starting point. The assessment process helps medical experts to figure out a patient's disease expressions. Then they make a personal care plan that will best match his/her needs.

During this process, it also becomes obvious whether you have co-occurring mental health issues. The latter are caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

Among the various methods of assessing the case, the most common one is the completion of a survey. It includes questions on the disease history, drug type, and mental health condition.

Afterward, your counselor begins asking you various questions based on your answers. He/she also examines your behaviors during that time which lasts about an hour.


In fact, detox is a very important process. It helps a patient free his/her body of toxins for starting a recovery path. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms may be very dangerous and even life-threatening. So they will need a medical environment to be managed safely.

Based on your personal needs, the process may last up to 7 days. Your successfully completed detox process will lead you to the next important stage which is choosing a care option.

Residential Treatment

Logically, the levels of addiction are not the same and demand different treatment options. Your diagnosis will guide you to the best care option matching your needs. Residential facilities are very effective in dealing with the most serious cases. Their healing is around the clock.

They are live-in healthcare facilities. Their care programs are for substance use disorders, mental illness, or other health problems. For this purpose inpatient rehabs make a dual diagnosis. An average 30 days professional cure will return your sobriety without a doubt.

Outpatient Recovery

These clinics are popular among most addicts for being the cheapest clinics. They allow the patients to keep their everyday routines. People attending these facilities suffer from mild or new beginning cases. This does not mean that they are less effective.

They just do not require people to live at the facility, they require them to attend daily cure programs and get back to their everyday deeds. Here also the average stay is 30 days for most cases.

Outpatient rehabs are not limited to addiction cure options. Moreover, they provide care programs for aftercare purposes which are as important as the whole treatment itself. It aims to help a patient prevent relapsing.

Payment System in Louisa County rehabs

Once you decide to start a recovery journey you must determine your payment-related issues beforehand. The matter is that there is no fixed price. From facility to facility the staying settings and care options differ. A patient's unique needs also impact the costs.

So you will meet low-cost, free, and very expensive clinics. Generally, the rehabs charge $3,000-$100,000 for a monthly period. Luckily, there are many expense coverage programs available at all clinics. The well-known one is insurance.

Payment in Luxury Rehabs

Being the most expensive rehab centers they provide the most pleasant recovery journey at the same time. Attending here a patient will have access to highly qualified medics, and a many-sided list of therapy options.

Nearly all the luxury rehabs offer resort-style pools and saunas, fitness centers, private chefs, and more. From facility to facility the prices vary reaching $100,000 for a month.

Usually, not all people afford these clinics.

Taking a Teen to a Rehab

When it comes to a child's health problems a parent can not control his/her feelings and emotions. Accordingly, he/she contributes to bad effects. Professional help becomes mandatory here.

That is, the parent is to find a medical expert and psychologist who will deal with the case skillfully. Louisa Health and Rehabilitation Center will provide one with the best medical specialists. Just contact them for details. Their phone number is (540) 967-2250.