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Rehabs in Henrico

Rehabs in Henrico

Henrico is the sixth most populous county in Virginia, US. Despite its small 245 square miles territory, the population is 337,134 as of 2021 statistics. It has registered a rapid population growth of 10.73% over the past 10 years.

Surprisingly, this area has neither an incorporated community nor a county seat. It only consists of census-designated places. Yet, there is another worrying issue in this province.

According to statistics, about 26% of people died from alcohol-driving accidents in 2021. The exact number of deaths was recorded from drug use. For substance use disorders to decrease little by little (instead of increasing), residents must be well informed about the negative effects.

Yet, compared to the dense population, there are a few rehabs in Henrico county to serve addicts.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Medical centers offer comprehensive evaluations before taking treatment. Specialists assess the mental, health, addiction, and abuse condition of a visitor through interviews. They start their first step from detox and inpatient programs if dependence is severe.

Rehab Programs in Henrico County

The most assisting means for addicted people is care and support. So, rehabs in Henrico County stress this point by combining it with holistic methods.


Through detox services, people clean their bodies from drugs and alcohol. It is the only means that ensures the patient's safe access to inpatient care.

After detox, persons with mental or other behavioral disorders will recover at residential (inpatient) levels. Otherwise, with the advice of the addiction doctor, they will choose one of the outpatient options.

Inpatient (IP)

IP or residential level for addiction has several advantages. At first, it provides 24/7 care and support. Without distractions and temptations, patients can concentrate on healing.

IP provides a wide range of therapies and methods that enhance recovery. For that reason, individual and group therapies, entertainment, holistic activities, and 12-step programs are central to this option. IP allows close connections between patients as ongoing support.

Outpatient (OP)

OP helps clients get back into the community or move from a higher level of care. It is the best cure for chemical abuse or addiction that isn't too severe. OP is a very flexible option that lasts between two and three months.

In short, the essential feature of OP is that it heals patients in their living environment.

“Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services” center provides outpatient programs for adults aged 18 and more, youth, and their families. They include peer services, specialty services for pregnant and postpartum women, and opiate treatment.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP gives patients more controlled care while letting them stay home and keep their freedom. IOP is for those who have moderate addiction to drugs and alcohol. Generally, individual and group sessions last four days a week.

Clients can plan the time of meetings according to their schedule.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP is an outpatient program that helps people with more severe addictions permitting them to spend nights at home. In contrast to other OP levels, it is designed for patients with mental and behavioral illnesses. For that purpose, its main component is psychiatric care.

However, therapies and counseling are also highlighted here.

Payment Options Without Insurance

The payment is the challenging part of starting the recovery journey. Many people avoid it because of the high fees, especially in the case of residential settings. To help residents, medical centers take different payment options.

As a rule, people can pay through self-payment options: cash and credits. Those with federal insurance must search which centers accept grants, Medicare, and Medicaid. Most of the time, private centers may not take these coverages.

Yet, some clinics may offer other payment methods. In this case, they usually create financial agreements with patients. So, there is no obstacle to getting a cure and leading a healthy life.

Rehab Programs for Teens

Alcohol misuse is quite common in the state of Virginia. Sadly, teens make up a significant percentage of users. The situation is the same in this province. However, drugs have also become quite popular recently.

For this purpose, parents should help minors and keep them away from substances. However, they should not force children into the clinic if they have missed their duties. Instead, they can include them in various education programs in this province.

So, special medical centers educate and support teens and their families to overcome challenges. Their treatment methods include assessment and evidence-based practices. Hence, minors learn to control their emotions and cravings for drugs and alcohol.