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Rehabs in Hanover

Rehabs in Hanover

Hanover is one of the most populous counties in Virginia, US. Although its territory is 474 square miles, the population is 110,991 as of 2021.

According to data on health outcomes from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, this province was ranked at the highest level. However, it has not overcome the spread of alcohol and drugs yet. The province had a 33% death rate from alcohol-driving accidents in 2021. Besides, 21 residents died from drug overdoses in the same year.

Hanover county rehabs emphasize intensive on-person treatment to make it more targeted to help residents more effectively.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

During the evaluation, specialists take into account the past and present history of a patient. Assessors ask questions that address the cause of substance abuse or addiction of clients. Having identified significant problems, doctors prescribe appropriate healing.

Rehab Programs in Hanover County

The mission of medical centers in this province is to treat and care for each member of society. They offer all levels of programs that are personalized and address their needs.


Clinics provide medical and outpatient detox services. Medical detox is residential (inpatient) when patients stay in the hospitals till getting cleaned of toxic substances. The outpatient option allows them to go back home after the process.

It takes some time to clear toxins from the body. The duration mainly depends on the condition of the individuals. However, after completing the detox, the primary cure begins.

Inpatient Program (IP)

Residential or inpatient substance use disorder (SUD) treatment permits patients to stay at facilities. This intense cure lasts 28 days or more. It is commonly used for clients who have drug or alcohol addiction. People who have relapsed after prior healing also may attend IP.

Addiction centers in this province are based on individual care. They provide more than 15 in-person meetings per week with many-sided medical staff.

Outpatient (OP)

OP supports clients transitioning back into society or moving from a more full-time level. It is available online as well as in offline versions. OP is the most suitable treatment option for mild substance abuse or dependence.

As a highly flexible choice, it lasts 6-12 weeks. The main feature of OP in this province is that it occurs in one-on-one sessions.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP offers concentrated care while letting patients remain at home and maintain freedom. IOP is for those with moderate or severe chemical dependence and who need more help than standard outpatient clinics may offer.

Therapies and counseling sessions take place four days per week for three hours in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP offers intensive support in an outpatient setting. If someone needs more care but does not require residential level may choose PHP. It includes various services, including individual and group therapy, family counseling, education, and psychiatric care.

PHP meetings take place five days per week for five hours daily. As a result, group therapies and counseling together last three hours. Additionally, the duration of the in-face session is two hours. Finally, PHP healing course lasts three-four weeks.

Specialty Rehab Programs

Specialty rehabs in Hanover County focus on veterans’ addiction and misuse. Actually, drug, especially alcohol abuse, is quite common among military veterans. Being in a high-risk zone, they relieve stress by using substances.

So, "Williamsville Wellness" center is the best provider of rehab services for them. They offer a full range of developed methods for them. This facility provides inpatient care on its wooded campus. The cozy atmosphere helps them relax from their issues and focus on recovery.

The address of "Williamsville Wellness" center is:

10515 Cabaniss Ln,

Hanover, VA 23069

(804) 559-9959

Prices for Luxury Services

The luxury centers are located outside the noise of cities, in a quiet forest environment. In addition to the unique treatment methods developed by doctors, they also include various therapies. Hence, the cure costs $25.000 for 28 days.

Payment Options Without Insurance

People often face difficulties when the turn comes to payments and treatment fees. Generally, many payment options exist, but not all clinics accept those. In fact, elite complexes in this province do not take Medicare and Medicaid. Instead, cash and credit cards are the most common charge of fees.