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Rehabs in Rockingham

Rehabs in Rockingham

The third largest county in the US state of Virginia is Rockingham. It comprises the Harrisonburg-Rockingham metropolitan area. The total area of the county is 853 square miles. The county's largest city Harrisonburg is the seat. Over 83,000 habitants live in this region. The county is also the largest agriculture-producing locality in the state. Besides, it offers real and amazing charms to its tourists and visitors.

Currently, the region has serious medical concerns. It is a part of such a country that has a high ranking in substance misuse. Based on Virginia’s Department of Health’s recent statistics an average of four people died from an opioid overdose daily. This number increased by 17% since 2019. Thus, many Rockingham County rehabs started to act to reduce these numbers. So, most of them offer treatment programs to help people who are battling addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Level Evaluation

The evaluation process is a vital step during recovery as it determines the whole care schedule. During the assessment, the medical expert reveals the client’s addiction level and any co-occurring diseases. It may include consulting with a therapist and psychologist as well as urine and blood tests. After the results are ready, the therapist will develop a customized cure program for the client.


In general, detox is a required step in the treatment process. It not only helps a patient get rid of toxins in the body, but it also helps them prepare for the main treatment program. Furthermore, when a person discontinues the use of a drug or an alcoholic beverage, many withdrawal symptoms may occur. As a result, the specialist advises undergoing the under medical supervision. Following this procedure, it is time to seek a cure and begin the recovery process.

Inpatient Care

The best options for recovery are typically inpatient facilities. They provide 24 hours care. Thus, the patients stay at the center for the whole cure period. The care programs include individual, group, and family therapies. The setting and services differ from facility to facility instructing various prices.

Moreover, inpatient care deals with more severe cases. Usually, patients in this program experience mental health problems. For this purpose, inpatient centers most often offer dual diagnosis treatment as well.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient rehabs provide treatment options on a part-time basis. This means a patient is free to follow the daily chores between sessions. Thus, outpatient care is a good option for people who cannot leave their daily obligations. However, this does not mean that they are less effective than residential clinics.

The Harrisburg-Rockingham CSB in Rockingham County is one of the rehabs that provide outpatient care. It also provides services for mental health, substance abuse, etc.

Payment Options

The payment issue is still the most alarming concern when someone begins the recovery path. Luckily, there are a lot of financial aid programs the clients can get aid from. The first and the most wide-used option is private health insurance. Besides, the patient may check if they are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Some centers offer their own payment aid programs as well.

Prices for Luxury Rehabs

Attending a luxury rehab is a good idea if the patient enjoys the comfort and has no financial issues. Generally, when a treatment plan includes additional therapies they become more successful. Thus, luxury rehabs offer upscale amenities, recreational activities, nutritious food, and more. As a result, they cost more than the average ones. The average monthly cost can reach $100,000.

Teen Rehabs

Teenagers are the most problematic when it comes to addiction because of their age. As a result, it can be difficult to find a program designed especially for teenage addiction. Thus, most rehabs in Rockingham County offer specialized teen programs that include family support and other therapies.