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Rehabs in Spotsylvania

Rehabs in Spotsylvania

Spotsylvania is a county in the east of Virginia. It has a population of 143,676. The seat is Spotsylvania Courthouse, a small town with** **1,233 households.

Drug addiction is among the health concerns in the region. Overall, Virginia faces the opioid epidemic. The local health department presents alarming figures. On average, 4 people died per day in 2020 in the state. Drug-related deaths in the county reached 34 in 2019. Fentanyl is one of the main issues. The overdose fatalities rose to 85% in 2017-2018.

Moreover, experts said that more deadly drugs are appearing. The lab-made opioids account for more deaths in Virginia. The epidemic affects both adults and teens. Therefore, finding the best rehabs in Spotsylvania County is vital.

Substance Abuse

Once a person feels he is dependent on chemical substances, he has to consult a doctor. The use of substances affects a person’s behavior. It often leads to social and emotional problems.

The first step is to assess the health condition. Often a person continues using drugs despite the harm that it causes. Dependence can develop quickly in the case of opioids. Therefore, it is important for a family to support him. The admission specialists at clinics would recommend where to start.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

After contacting an admission expert, he will appoint an assessment. An intake assessment includes a meeting with a counselor. The expert asks to answer his questions. In particular, this refers to the possible relapses and addiction history. Be ready to give clear replies. It is necessary to have a full picture of the disease. Finally, the evaluation’s goal is to draw a recovery plan. If necessary, a detox may follow.


Detox is an integral part of recovery. Those suffering from severe addiction have to clear their bodies of toxins. Moreover, it should be done with the assistance of medications. Thus, certified medical staff has to supervise the process. In this case, a patient can overcome withdrawal symptoms better.

Treatment Programs in Spotsylvania County Rehab Centers

The options in the area may be limited. However, there is a good chance to find a clinic in the neighborhood. For example, a variety of programs are available in Fredericksburg. In general, there are inpatient, outpatient, and PHP centers. Let’s inspect each model.


Inpatient rehab is the most intense treatment option. Patients receive a full day of therapy. Spending all time in rehab will have a positive effect. This includes counseling and other activities. A structured environment and support groups are here to help. In addition, medically monitored treatment gives tangible results. For example, Pinnacle center is one of the facilities offering such services.

In addition to detox, complete recovery includes behavioral therapy. Co-occurring mental disorders are typical for addicts. Therefore, the facilities offer a variety of sessions.

There are such services as:

  • Depression/anxiety groups

  • Relapse preventions

  • Anger management

  • Dual-diagnosis groups


Once inpatient care is behind, there are still efforts to make. Addiction is a chronic disease and requires profound measures. Patients enroll in outpatient programs. At the same time, they continue daily activities. They regularly attend group or individual sessions.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is in the middle between residential and outpatient plans. An individual gets evidence-based treatment during 4-6 hours. Finally, he goes home at the end of the day. It is a good way for people with family and work. This is also cheaper than residential therapy.

Payment and Costs

Costs are always a challenge. Of course, health insurance is one of the options. The type of insurance is a key issue. Sometimes it does not provide full coverage. The facilities may offer an individual plan. It is usually a sliding fee scale. The cost also depends on the length of the therapy and the level of care.