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Rehabs in Shenandoah

Rehabs in Shenandoah

Being located in the commonwealth of the US state of Virginia, Shenandoah County was founded in 1772. It has a total area of 512 square miles. Woodstock is the seat. Based on the 2010 census the population was 44,186.

Unfortunately, the county suffers from drug and alcohol addiction which has been spreading with rising statistics for years. Shenandoah County rehabs have always been doing their best to help people return to their sobriety.

Addiction Level Evaluation

Generally, any therapist or medical expert needs to have a detailed image of a patient's health problem to make a care plan and guide to the most effective treatment option. It becomes possible through an addiction evaluation between one of the medical staff members and a patient.

In most cases, family members also take part in this process. The counselor does it through screening and assessment using various tools. The popular ones are questionnaire completion, interviewing, examination of behavior, and so on. 30-60 minutes is usually enough for revealing the disease in depth. Later, the therapist creates a care plan the patient needs to follow.

Inpatient Care

The most effective care programs are provided by inpatient rehab centers. It is because they provide live-in facility care with 24-hour medical strict supervision. When a person gets addicted, it impacts his/her brain causing other mental health problems. So these types of facilities make a dual diagnosis and provide treatment options for those cases. Except for rare cases, an average stay is from 30 to 90 days.

Outpatient Care

People who have mild cases but a strong will to get rid of the addiction will benefit from outpatient care options as they are designed for similar cases. Outpatient rehabs have beneficial schedules for allowing patients to continue their daily activities and responsibilities at work, and at home between sessions. Here the costs are lower because there are no living settings that will demand extra charges.

Through the Dashshaw Addiction Treatment page, anyone can find all the available treatment options in Shenandoah County. The most important function of these types of facilities is the availability of aftercare programs for helping people prevent relapsing.

Prices and Payment Options

Generally, payment-related issues are overwhelming for most people. Fortunately, the rehab centers are by their clients offering multiple programs and ways for covering the costs. Among them, insurance has a leading role. So if a person tends to start a recovery journey he/she had better contact any of the local rehab centers and get details on existing programs that will suit his/her personal needs. Most often, rehabs have a sliding fee scale or at least accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Luxury Rehabs

Having a luxurious setting and quality care options luxury rehabs charge the highest prices. It is because they are similar to resorts for offering various services, recreational activities, therapies, and luxe living settings.

Almost all the luxury rehabs have a swimming pool, beautiful interiors, en suite bathrooms, access to nature, chef-prepared meals, and more. Yet, the costs for such rehabs reach up to $100,000 for a month's stay. Besides, being treated in such an environment encourages a person and also helps them not feel depressed and overwhelmed.

Forcing Teens Into Rehab

Any parent who has faced the problem of having a teen struggling with addiction will understand the concerns very well. So no need to make decisions alone which may lead to disastrous consequences. First, it would be better to set up an appointment with a rehab counselor or medical expert and certainly a psychologist. Most Shenandoah County rehabs have special programs for teens. Secondly, the law enables the legal guardians and parents to force the teen into rehab, yet, it is not recommended.