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Rehabs in Russell

Rehabs in Russell

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is a county called Russell, which has a total area of 477 square miles. Based on the 2020 census the population was 25,781. Lebanon is the seat.

Nowadays, the county faces a dramatic increase in substance abuse overdoses. Virginia Department of Health mentions the increased rate of opioid misuse. Among the most misused substances remain alcohol and cannabis. Eliminating the disease is impossible. Yet, struggling against it to some extent is a solution. So, Russell County rehabs do their best to lower the level of substance misuse. They develop treatment programs and educate the residents for better results.

Addiction Treatment Steps

Addiction care is not an easy task; it requires a great deal of effort, patience, and time. People struggling with addiction attempt to transition to sober living through a series of steps. Almost all the centers offer full recovery services, including everything from evaluation to aftercare.


This is where the recovery process begins. It provides the therapist with in-depth knowledge of the situation. Furthermore, it aids in the development of the most effective treatment plan. This procedure takes between 60 and 90 minutes. It consists of different forms of questions and answers. The results of the questionnaire, short interview, and behavior analysis help to determine the patient’s treatment plan that he or she must later follow.


Detox is the next step after evaluation. It helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances. Through detox, one manages withdrawal symptoms safely. They occur after stopping using those substances at once. The withdrawal symptoms may be very dangerous and even life-threatening Thus, patients need to complete detox under medical supervision.

Inpatient Program

Inpatient rehabs are the most effective treatment programs. They offer live-in facility services. Living in the facility during the healing process one can be far from the outdoor triggers. Hence, he/she can focus on healing.

Additionally, through dual diagnosis, the inpateint care reveals mental health problems and various disorders. The average duration of inpatient care is from 30 to 90 days. Yet, in some cases, it can last longer.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient rehabs are also effective but are more suitable for milder cases. It is because they are not residential and provide recovery on a part-time basis. After finishing the daily sessions, the patients are free to conduct their day as preferred. They do not have living settings or extra charges, so, the prices are also lower here.

Cumberland Mountain Comm Services Board SA Outpatient Program stands out for its flexible care system. The clinic provides outpatient rehab and regular outpatient care. Relapse prevention programs are also available in this medical center.

Payment Options and Costs

In most cases, costs are determined after completing several stages. That is after evaluation therapist creates a recovery plan. Then a patient can choose a facility type and location, and in the end, a care duration will be decided. Afterward, it will be obvious what payment amount is expected to pay.

Many programs provide financial aid to people who struggle with addiction. There is also insurance coverage available. Clients can also check their eligibility for Medicaid or Medicare. Most rehabs offer sliding fee scale or their own payment aid services.

Costs for Luxury Rehabs

In contrast to the above-mentioned cases, if one does not have financial problems, luxury rehabs wait for him/her. They provide the most pleasant recovery path ever. Their high-class settings, quality care, and pastime activities help the patients to achieve sobriety without extra stress. Yet, their costs are higher than average. Their average price may reach up to $100,000 for a month.

Teen Rehabs

Once a teen starts to struggle with addiction, parents can not control themselves and their feelings anymore. Here the best solution will be the inclusion of medical experts and psychologists in this difficult situation. They can provide them with their desired results better. Russell County rehabs have special programs for teenagers. A parent can contact any of them and get details. Most of them offer family support programs as well.