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Rehabs in Wythe

Rehabs in Wythe

Wythe County is located in the southeastern part of Virginia state. It was founded in 1790. More than 28,000 residents live in this county based on the 2020 census. The total area is 465 square miles. Wytheville is the seat.

Among many concerns, drug and alcohol addiction comes first. The reason is that it has been ruining lives and destinies for years. Thus, Wythe County Community Health Assessment claims that the county has higher fatal prescription opioid overdose rates than the state.

Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) frequently occurs among addicted people. Tobacco, marijuana, and other drug misuse may lead to NAS. Besides, it is common among pregnant women, who use opioids.

So, Wythe County rehabs are there to help addicted people by providing various care programs.

Substance Misuse Recovery Stages

Generally, substance misuse is a serious concern with various consequences. Yet, it is possible to treat through several vital stages. Each of them has a leading role, but they can not treat abuse alone. It is their joint effect that provides lifelong sobriety.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

This stage aims to diagnose substance misuse disorders. Besides, it helps to create a care plan. The process lasts for about two hours. It takes place between a medic and an addicted individual. Through several tools, a counselor tries to determine the disease type and severity. Among them, screening and assessment are the common ones.

Thus, a patient must get ready to provide information on multiple questions. They mainly concern misused drug types, history, mental health conditions, and so on.

In the end, for choosing the most effective treatment option, it is a must to give concise and detailed answers.


Medical detox is the first and very important step. Any treatment option requires a person to be physically stabilized. Thus, it becomes possible through detoxification. It focuses on releasing the body from toxic substances and managing withdrawals on an as-needed basis.

They are likely to emerge because of stopping using substances abruptly. There are different types of detox based on the individual's unique needs.

Although it is possible to undergo the process at home, it is too risky. To explain, in most cases it can even be life-threatening. The process lasts for a week or two and is controlled through medication. Succeeding at this stage too, it comes to determining a proper treatment option.

Inpatient Treatment

Generally, this care option has a live-in facility structure. This means people with serious addiction should get recovery at inpatient rehab centers. They offer a safe and secure place for patients to undergo intensive recovery. The minimum stay is at least 30 days.

Living in the facility helps patients focus only on the recovery process and have immediate access to medical professionals 24/7. Besides, they stay far from outdoor triggers.

Outpatient Recovery

In contrast to inpatient rehabs, here there is no need to live in the clinic while getting treatment. It is because they provide care on a part-time basis. Thus, they deal with relatively mild cases.

Patients are free to control their daily activities between sessions. This does not mean they are less effective. They also provide structured care programs due to every patient's unique needs separately.

Besides, they have relapse prevention therapies serving aftercare purposes.

ReVIDA Recovery Center is an outpatient rehab center in Wythe County. (255 Holston Rd. Wytheville, VA 24382). They fulfill medication-assisted treatment (MAT), various therapies, and programs. They accept payment by insurance too.

Every person is of great value to them. So they do their best to provide the most effective care programs for each patient. The staff members are skilled and have more than 20 years of experience.

Prices for Addiction Treatment

Generally, every rehab center has its way of determining the payment amount and options. It is done by taking into consideration many factors. Those are the facility type, care options, recovery duration, and lots of others.

Wythe County rehabs also accept payment by insurance like many other rehabs in the USA. Besides, they receive funding from local and state grants.

Thus, every person can find an affordable treatment option fitting his/her needs and budget. For those who are financially stable, there are dream clinics, in other words, luxury rehabs. They have an upscale building structure with luxe-class amenities.

Besides medical therapies, the patients can take part in various fun activities and amusements. For a monthly period luxury rehabs charge up to $100,000 in comparison with ordinary clinics, which charge $5,000-$7,000 for the same period.