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Rehabs in Fairfax

Rehabs in Fairfax

For many years, humanity has been suffering from a disaster called addiction, which is very difficult to fight. Any kind of addiction has destroyed families, disturbed people's peace, damaged their health, and even killed them. Although many people know about this, not everyone can give up and stay away from using drugs or alcohol. 

The United States is one of the countries where drug addiction is very common. Although many people suffer from this disease, most of them refuse this problem. They just do not know where to start and how to solve the problem. 

First, they need to find reliable places where they will receive their treatment. This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. We will elaborate on Rehabs in Fairfax County of Virginia State. If you are interested, stay with us and keep reading! 


Fairfax County has been in a state of disarray over the past few years. More and more residents are dying from drug abuse. Here are the types that are mainly used here: 

  • opioid
  • heroin
  • fentanyl 
  • methadone

For example, in 2016-2018, a horrible rate of overdose mortality was registered here. The death toll was 325 per 100,000 population. 

The government offers healing programs for such serious issues. Unfortunately, very few people apply for these programs. The first step is to get tested and start the healing process. As difficult as it is to take that step, each person must understand that he is playing with his own life and finally gather the courage to make that decision. 


To begin the treatment process, you need to pass the necessary testing and receive the right assessment of your dependency level. The experienced and literate specialists of the Calvary Counseling Center are ready to diagnose your disease and find its sources. 

Do not be afraid to go through all this, because in the future you will be thankful to yourself for showing a strong will. The address and telephone number of the center can be seen below:

Address: 4031 University Drive Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone Number: (703) 530-9800

Fax: 703) 530-9805 


The next step that every drug addict needs and is available at any clinic is detox. This helps the body get rid of toxins and fight against harmful habits. Of course, the process is quite difficult, because the body is already accustomed to taking them to some extent. However, this can also be overcome with great will.

Remember that many have been able to overcome their weaknesses, and so can you. Move forward confidently and do not let anything ruin your life! 

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab? 

The most painful and difficult part is when your teen finds himself in this situation. It is doubly responsible for the parent to overcome and get out of this problem. But with children, and especially adolescents, this can be quite problematic. 

Remember that as soon as you know this, you must take your child to rehabilitation and get tested accordingly. Try to be friends with him and persuade him without forcing him. He needs to trust you and understand that you are doing this for him.

And, the most important thing: choose the rehabilitation center with all care and responsibility. Make sure the specialists have experience in treating adolescents and have good results. 

How to Find the Best Treatment Center in Fairfax County? 

Pay attention to the following points when you want to find the best treatment center: 

  • Having professional specialists is half the battle. If you trust them right away, you will sooner have better results. 
  • Finding psychological support is also very essential. You should not only physically get rid of that, but also make sure you have no thoughts of reusing it. 
  • An individual approach to your diagnosis makes healing easier. Make sure that specialists have such plans so that they prescribe the cure only after knowing your condition individually.