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Rehabs in Brunswick

Rehabs in Brunswick

Brunswick is a rural county situated in the southern part of Virginia. It is famous for its historic sites dating to the 1730s. By the way, it was founded in 1720 and is one of the oldest administrative units in the state. Occupying 1,474 km² territories the county has nearly 16,000 population.

Drug overdose deaths related to the opioid crisis are the biggest issues for residents. Heroin is at the top of the list. This shows that even legally prescribed drugs may be harmful when misused. According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data, 15.46% of the state residents were facing alcohol misuse concerns in 2018. Moreover, 87.61% tried narcotics at least once or twice. Indeed, these numbers are alarming and rates are relatively high.

Besides, substance abuse leads to various diseases and mental disorders increase. Cancer and heart problems are also among them.

Rehabs in Brunswick County, Virginia fight against the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. The government also plays a huge role in this process. However, there can not be any progress if addicts refuse to visit a recovery clinic not realizing the situation. Thus, referring to specialists for proper care is a public responsibility.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Brunswick, Virginia

Evaluation is an inseparable part of treatment. If the doctor does not have enough information about the patient’s health, he can not start the cure. Assessment and monitoring give us a detailed picture of the illness history and current stage. Accordingly, based on the outcome therapists choose suitable healing programs by adding customized therapies and methods.

In fact, there are no complicated procedures for evaluating. It mainly involves an in-person interview with the counselor consisting of the following questions:

  1. Substance type, its use intensity, and length

  2. Mental and physical health

  3. Medical issues

  4. Symptoms, thoughts, feelings

  5. Worsening periods

Surely, a patient's honesty is a mandatory factor in getting accurate results.

Southside Behavioral Health center offers comprehensive assessment services. An emergency prescreen is also available.

Detox Rehabs in Brunswick, VA

Detox is the second most essential procedure of treatment after evaluation. It helps us to recover by ridding our blood and the whole organism of toxins. Besides, it aims to minimize addiction signs by cleaning our bodies of substances. In other words, detox is a way to overcome setbacks. And only after eliminating withdrawal reasons we may begin the main cure. Otherwise, care will not be effective or will take more than the planned time.

Outpatient and Inpatient Facilities

There is no exact answer to which healing plan is the best because it depends on the case. Stories and situations are different. So, approaches also should be individual. Regardless of the treatment kind (residential or outpatient) therapies are general. The variety is in the selection between those options. Also, cure plans differ in duration and intensity. Of course, inpatient treatment is more intensive and lasts 1-3 months. Partial hospitalization requires 2-3 visits a week for 2-8 hours. Sometimes, there is a need to switch from one program to another. For example, after a month of residential care addicts may continue healing at home appearing in a clinic some hours a week. That’s why one plan can not be appropriate for everyone and must be unique.


Fortunately, there are plenty of options for paying. Now we are going to present the most widespread ones. The most common way is private insurance. It covers most of the costs, and you don’t have to pay much money. But, above all, upon admission to a hospital verify your insurance to know its coverage. Also find out the center’s payment policy, such as:

  • Availability of a sliding fee scale

It is a system that allows us to cut prices and get discounts according to our income.

  • Acceptance of Medicaid and Medicare

They are state-funded projects for low-income families to get free recovery services.

As we see, every option has its benefits and is designed for our comfort. Which one you choose depends entirely on your unique needs and financial situation.