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Rehabs in Rockbridge

Rehabs in Rockbridge

Rockbridge County is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia State. Its total area is 601 square miles. The county seat is Lexington.

The region is adventurous for its tourists and visitors. Amazing parks, hotels, restaurants, and various experiences assure an unforgettable holiday here.

Unfortunately, the county has its sufferings connected with health problems. That said, drug and alcohol dependence impacts and destroys many lives. The struggle against it has become more and more difficult due to its wild spreading. For that, Rockbridge County rehabs have designed many programs for helping people achieve sobriety.

Substance Misuse Evaluation

The assessment, also known as substance misuse evaluation, is a valuable starting point toward a sober lifestyle. Using different forms of assessment, a medical expert tries to uncover all the details concerning the disease and its level. He/she does it through screening and assessment. The process resembles questions and answers in its structure.

After completing a questionnaire, a patient must get ready to answer various questions. All of them concern the addiction history, type, and level. The results of healing mainly depend on the evaluation. So, one must try to be honest and attentive.

Medical Detox

Detox is the next vital step toward sobriety. The main purpose is to clean the body of various harmful substances. Although it is possible to go through the process at home, it is not safe, because the withdrawal symptoms may be very dangerous and even life-threatening. Thus, it is better to get medically supervised detoxification for the safe management of withdrawal symptoms.

Due to the misused drug type, the detoxes vary requiring different periods, that is three-seven days.

Types of Rehabs

As a rule, each addiction level can be treated at a specific rehab center. Consequently, the rehabs have two categories:

  • Outpatient

  • Inpatient

They both provide an effective and advanced level of care.


Serious cases accompanied by other health problems and various disorders are treated at residential facilities. They provide round-the-clock care at a live-in facility.

Here it is beneficial to be far from outdoor triggers. One can focus on the healing process.

Besides, they provide a full package of treatment including assessment, medical detox, and basic treatment process.

Note: Rockbridge County rehabs are not located in the region but they serve the county's community.

New Life for Adults and Youth-The Mercy House is a residential facility for adults and teens.

Address: 2320 Broad Rock Blvd., Richmond, VA

Tell. number - 804-230-4485

Women get quality treatment thanks to the medical staff members' joint work, social support, and friendly attitude. It is because every woman has great value for them.


Some patients are new to dependence and want to return to sobriety. Outpatient clinics' programs are designed for such cases. They allow their patients to get back home between sessions. This means that they are non-residential. Their part-time nature makes them popular among many who cannot leave their work, home, and family while being treated.

They also have subcategories dealing with different levels of addiction severity. Those are as follows:

  • PHP- partial hospitalization programs - six or eight hours daily for five days a week

  • IOP- intensive outpatient programs - three or four hours daily for at least three days per week

  • Continuing care

The last one has a leading role in helping people prevent relapsing.

Rehab Prices and Payment System

To say that there is a fixed price for a rehab center will not be true. Many factors affect the costs, e.g., the facility type, settings, offered services, care options and duration, and many others.

There are even free rehabs, but they mostly have long listings, which are not suitable for most patients.

Luckily, most clinics offer sliding scale costs and payment plans and also insurance according to the patient’s income. There are also available programs for helping cover the expenses. So, it would be better to decide on payment-related issues before starting a lifelong recovery.

Luxury Facilities

Understandably, luxury rehabs are expensive for their hotel building structures and out-of-treatment recreational activities and other services. Most clinics have private pools, hot tubs, saunas, and more. They may cost up to $100,000 monthly.

Teenagers and Addiction

As a rule, a parent of an addicted child can hardly find effective solutions. For this purpose, he/she should find a qualified medical expert and psychologist, who can best help a teen gain lifelong sobriety.