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Rehabs in New Kent

Rehabs in New Kent

New Kent County is located in the state of Virginia, U.S. According to the Census provided in 2021, it had a population of 23,880. The county has a lot of tourist attractions and is considered a safe province to live in. However, even with its small population, the county faces the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.

Virginia's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration statistics show that since 2018, the number of residents who are addicted has increased by about 15%. Overdose-related mortality rates are also still rising sharply. Given these figures, New Kent County rehab centers try their best to help clients overcome addiction and lower these rates.

The article below will guide you through the steps you need to take as well as all the available programs in the province.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Drug and alcohol evaluation is the most crucial step in your path of recovery as it helps to determine how much your organism has suffered because of the substance abuse. It also helps to find out any co-occurring diseases and heal them during rehabilitation. Generally, evaluation is conducted in two steps: questionnaires and lab tests. The latter is not obligatory for all cases. After the results of the evaluation, your therapist will create a treatment plan and guide you to enter one of the main treatment programs. But, before you start your recovery, you also need to undergo detoxification.


All addicts must complete the detox step, which aids in the removal of toxins. It may be challenging to prevent relapses as the addict avoids using the substances that the body is accustomed to. Additionally, it results in numerous cramps and pain, so all procedures must be carried out under medical supervision.

Types of Rehabs in New Kent County, Arkansas

There are several rehab facilities in this county. For instance, you can receive assistance at Verity Addiction Center for both opiate detox abuse and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Other facilities might specialize in inpatient or outpatient care and strive to help addicts as much as possible.


The intensity of attendance at the facility is the primary distinction between the outpatient and inpatient programs. You must spend the entire day at the rehab center while receiving inpatient care, where you must also attend all required therapies and additional meetings. You are more likely to stay sober and avoid relapses while being under medical supervision.


The outpatient option, which does not require constant attendance at the facility, is intended for people with mild cases of addiction. However, 4 or 5 times per week for a few hours, you must attend the mandatory meeting. This option can also be great for follow-up and can be considered a kind of aftercare.

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP

PHP (Partial Hospitalization) does not require a continuous stay at the recovery center but does require that you be under medical supervision and therapy on some days. It is quite more affordable than the two other options and is a great fit for people who work or study and don’t want to quit their everyday activities.

Luxury Rehabs in New Kent County

The luxury rehabs are a good option to stick with for those who prefer a more cozy environment and a more individualized approach. They provide patients with a more opulent lifestyle and are typically located outside of a hospital setting, making them more well-liked by celebrities. However, because they provide so many advantages, their costs are also quite high when compared to the alternatives. For example, The Caritas Healing Place For Men is both a specialized and luxury rehab that takes care of specific men in a private environment with a full pack of benefits.

Payment Options

Your estimated cost for non-specialized rehabs is entirely dependent on the facility you select and the treatment plans you choose. To meet the patient's goal of covering expenses, the majority of them accept insurance or provide a sliding fee schedule. Additionally, the province provides access to federal funding options like Medicaid and Medicare.