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Rehabs in Roanoke

Rehabs in Roanoke

Being a mountain county with a total area of 251,3 square miles, Roanoke County is situated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. Salem is the county seat. Over 100,000 residents live in the region.

The tourism spots are so many that sometimes it is hard to decide where to spend a weekend or a holiday. Among them are kid-friendly attractions and museums, natural sites and zoos, various restaurants, and so on.

The county also has serious health problems, which are overspread across the US. It is substance abuse, which continues to destroy thousands of lives. The struggle against it is not so easy. Addiction demands much effort and lifelong recovery, which is provided by Roanoke County rehabs.

Substance Abuse Treatment

After deciding to get rid of dependence, one must get ready to pass through several successive stages. The joint effect of them provides sobriety.

Substance Misuse Assessment

Determining addiction's nature and severity. is important. Any treatment process starts with this point. To explain, it gives a knowledge of which treatment option and duration will best fit a person's needs.

The process is conducted by a medical expert through screening and assessment. For this purpose, various tools are used. Among them, the common ones are short interviews and written questionnaires. They both include questions on the abuse history, drug type, mental health condition, family member's health condition, and so on.

Well-organized evaluation will lead to the most effective recovery path. Thus, it is better to be attentive and concise in all the answers.


In most cases, detox is an important and needed procedure. Accordingly, any recovery process requires the body to be free of toxins. It is done through medical detox. Able to pass through the process at home, one should detox his/her body under medical supervision. It is for the safe management of various symptoms. Those symptoms can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.

Nearly all the facilities offer this procedure. Among them, there is one serving Roanoke County. It is Better Life Counseling - Roanoke, VA Detox & Drug Rehab center. Its care options include detox, substance misuse healing, and mental health treatment.

After cleaning the body, one must start seeking a proper rehab type.


Inpatient clinics provide more beneficial and effective care thanks to their round-the-clock healing. To clarify, a patient must live at the facility until the recovery ends. Besides helping people to stop substance misuse, they also return them to productive work in the workplace.

Inpatient care programs include:

  • Broad assessment and treatment planning

  • Various therapies (individual, recreational, daily group, etc.)

  • Medication-assisted treatment

  • Aftercare and discharge planning

The duration and plan wholly depend on a patient's personal needs. The average stay is 30 days. Living with people suffering from the same health problem encourages a patient to gain sobriety faster.


Outpatient facilities deal with new or just beginning cases. A person does not need to stay at the clinic overnight, as they provide care programs on a part-time basis. This is the reason that it is popular among many clients.

The care structure is like the inpatient one. That is, the recovery journey consists of assessment, detox, and a unique healing program.

Besides, outpatient rehabs also provide continuing care for helping people prevent relapsing. It is very likely when finishing a recovery program.

Prices and Payment Options

Payment-related issues are barriers for refusing to attend a rehab center. Based on the patient’s needs, the payment amount is determined on the spot. To clarify, after finishing the evaluation stage and having the image of the healing program, the costs become obvious. Additionally, all the stages are charged singly.

Luckily, payment is not a problem anymore, as there are many ways out. The common one is insurance, which is available in all Roanoke County rehabs.

Luxury Rehabs

Once a person is financially stable and tends to start a recovery process, he/she can have it in peaceful, beautiful, and private settings. In addition, they include other services, too. Among them are the services of nail technicians, massage therapists, personal assistants, aestheticians, private nurses, gourmet chefs, and personal trainers.

During a rehab look-up, one will meet a facility reaching up to $100,000 for a month.

Substance Abuse and Teenagers

Teenage substance abuse is a worrying issue for any parent. It is sometimes hard to find adequate solutions. That is why it is a good idea to apply for a professional's help who will solve the problem with a psychological approach.