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Rehabs in Loudoun

Rehabs in Loudoun

Loudoun is a county in the northern part of Virginia state. With a county seat of Leesburg, it is the third-most populated region in the state. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of about 421,000 people.

The addiction crisis is a really serious and concerning issue here as many people misuse substances. That is why the government took action and created several rehabs in Loudoun County.

In this article, we are going to talk about the dependency level and statistics of the county. Besides, we will learn how the government prevents its residents from using unhealthy and bad substances.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

Virginia is one of the states in the US where the number of addictions is quite high. So, the Loudoun region, being such a crowded place, is not an exception. It is even one of the leaders in that indicator.

According to statistics, 80 overdose cases were registered here during 2010-2015. Twenty of these cases resulted in deaths, and only eleven of the deaths occurred in 2014.

Indeed, these are quite severe and critical cases, which concern the government. That is why there are many rehabilitation centers here that are developing continually. Their main goal is to help addicts and put them on the right path.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Loudoun County, VA

The most essential thing when you notice dependency is not to cover it, but immediately apply to a professional counselor. Most of these people try to heal themselves on their own without even telling about it their relatives. However, as a result, they are sinking into this issue deeper and deeper.

That is why we offer the most reliable facility to take an evaluation and then start a cure. It is the Loudoun County Mental Health Center, which is located at 102 Heritage Way, NE, Suite 302 in Leesburg, VA 20176.

In this health center, you or your relative should have an assessment and discover your dependency level. After that, you will get individual or group therapies and pass several special programs during your treatment. For more information or registration, you may contact the following phone number: 703-771-5155.


In every treatment detoxification process is a must. During detox, a person must give up all kinds of addictions, thereby cleaning and restoring the body from toxic substances. In the beginning, everything is very difficult, and it seems that nothing will work out. However, after overcoming the most decisive period, it becomes a normal and stable state.

When it becomes possible to give them up, the body will no longer need these drugs or alcohol. Their use will become even more unpleasant and disgusting. So, you should realize that there will be some difficulties and deprivations to pass. However, if you are really serious about this issue, then it will definitely work out for you.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatments

The Health Center offers short inpatient and mainly outpatient treatments for different age groups of people. It includes children and teenagers under 17, young adults (17-21), and adults who are up to 65 years old.

Patients may take the courses either individually or in groups depending on their desire. Besides the above-mentioned treatments, the center also provides the following services:

  • Case management

  • Referral to psychiatric services

  • Medication-assisted treatment

Special Programs

There are also several special programs for particular groups of people, such as:

  • Adult men or women

  • People who have experienced sexual abuse

  • Patients who have received court-ordered care

  • People who have trauma or co-occurring disorders

  • Patients who have undergone domestic violence

Forcing Your Teen Into Rehab

In the county, they pay a lot of attention and really care about children and teenagers. It is because teens with a high probability may have a bad experience and, unable to control themselves, fall into that wave. Here, children regularly take courses starting from school to avoid addictions as much as possible.

We all know that teenagers are a target group, and there is a great danger of them going down the wrong path. So, every parent must be very alert and attentive to their child. And, in case of notice any signs, immediately refer them to appropriate treatment or counseling.