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Rehabs in Tazewell

Rehabs in Tazewell

Tazewell is situated in the southwestern region of Virginia. It was founded on December 20, 1799. Tazewell serves as the county seat. The population here in 2020 was 41,200.

In Virginia, the average cost of personal health care in 2014 was $7,556. Over the previous year, there has been an increase of 3.42%. Additionally, more people see doctors for medical advice each year.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, four Virginians died of a drug overdose each day on average in 2020. Moreover, 17.3% of adults in the past year used marijuana.

Even though these addiction statistics are frightening, help is available. In the case of a problem, doctors ask patients to see a doctor. So, the help that rehabs here provide is enormous.


The first stage, to begin with, is the evaluation process. During this time, specialists ask different questions. These questions cover a wide range of subjects.

Defining addiction and recovery involves several factors. For example, physical, psychological, and social. The assessment, in its turn, includes;

  • psychological testing

  • drug and alcohol use surveillance

  • toxicology tests and laboratory work

  • dietary advice from professionals

  • meetings with families

  • professional certification (if required)

  • dependency treatment

After the results are ready, the therapist creates a customized treatment plan that the patients should follow.


Detox is one of the most important processes. It’s used to remove drugs from the body. Not all drugs cause physical dependence, though. As a result, not everybody will have to go through detoxification.

Detoxification is completed under supervision. It is because detox can be painful and even harmful. As a result, side effects may arise. This is mainly true of the detox from addictive substances.

The detox process may include:

  • anti-anxiety medication

  • depression therapy

  • counseling sessions

Types of Rehabs in Tazewell County, Virginia

After the detox, patients need to find a rehab. To put it differently, it’s time to begin recovery. During this time, patients spend most of their time in a rehab center.

As a result, choosing a good rehabilitation center is important. For this, there are some suitable ones to choose from. They are;

  • The Tazewell VA Clinic at the Salem VA Medical Center

  • Cumberland Mountain Community Services in Tazewell County

There are different steps that people struggling with substance abuse must go through.

Inpatient Program

This program is the best way to treat physical dependence. To explain, being under the guidance of an expert is the key to a quick recovery. This is because it’s a program for intensive care.

Besides, to get a positive result, one must complete the entire rehabilitation process. It is preferable due to the possibility of withdrawal symptoms.

Participants in this rehab program receive attentive care in a secure environment. To add to that, they spend at least 28 days in the detox center.

Outpatient Program

People may relapse into drug use even after putting a lot of effort into recovery. This means that there is a high likelihood of short-term relapse. So, overcoming addiction is the first step.

Thus, after completing inpatient therapy, people must receive outpatient care. In this case, they stay at home while receiving intensive outpatient care.

Besides, patients can start to rebuild their personal lives as well as carry on working or looking for a job. They attend outpatient therapy sessions. Family members must also take part in the healing process.

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP

Compared to the earlier examples, partial hospitalization differs. To explain, PHP somehow combines the two. It offers 4-6 hours of organized programming per day. The patient comes to the facility during the day and goes home at night.

In this situation, patients still need close supervision. Besides this, families must also help for the recovery to be successful. They must create a secure and encouraging atmosphere at home.

Insurance Plans for Addiction Treatment

Here, 91.7% of people have access to health insurance. They use several different plans, such as:

  • 38.5% of employee

  • 18.3% of Medicaid

  • 22.7% of Medicare

  • 10.2% of non-group

  • 2.05% of military or VA

Payment Options Without Insurance

If a client doesn’t have an insurance plan, he or she can use another option of financial aid. An example is the healthcare programs backed by the Affordable Care Act. The federal website, Healthcare.gov, may help determine eligibility.

If this doesn't work either, there are other types of financial help. Some organizations, such as nonprofit institutions or faith-based organizations, are also good options. Besides this, people can use fundraising or a sliding fee scale.