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Rehabs in Greene

Rehabs in Greene

Greene County is in the center of the state of Virginia. It is one of the biggest regions in the state. The population is over 20.560 people. The biggest cities are Stanardsville and Ruckersville.

The region is famous among hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers. One of the few gateways to the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah National park is in this region. Unfortunately, among the activities and beauties here, drug and alcohol use is also a widespread issue. According to the statistics, opioids and marijuana are the most common drug types in Virginia. From 8.642 million around 9 million people use marijuana in the state.

Comprehensive treatment programs have been developed by Greene County rehabs and centers nearby to aid those who struggle with addiction.

Rehab Programs in Greene County

Unfortunately, the residents have limited options to choose from. However, in this case, nearby cities come for help.

Currently, the only rehab center is in Ruckersville. Orchard Mountain Recovery offers outpatient drug and alcohol treatment. The plan includes individual counseling, family and educational groups, medical evaluation, and continuing care. During your rehabilitation, you will be able to stay with your family and friends and live your ordinary life. But before that, you should learn to keep yourself away from triggers.

Orchard Mountain Recovery also provides Alcohol Safety Action Program classes as the required government of the state of Virginia. The fact is the rehab offers only outpatient care. Thus, if the patient needs inpatient treatment, they should travel for it. To find the best clinic, you may consult with your therapist.

Assessment and Detox in Greene County Rehabs

As it is mentioned above, Orchard Mountain Recovery is the only rehabilitation facility here. Among the services, assessment and detoxification are included. But, if you prefer to overcome the withdrawal symptoms under the control of specialists and stay in the clinic, you will have to choose rehab nearby.

Your therapist here will guide you to pass an assessment. After, you will receive medical control if needed.

Treatment Methods Near Greene County

Centers located near Stanardsville, offer three main types of treatment plans:

  • Outpatient,

  • Inpatient,

  • Short and long-term inpatient.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

After withdrawal, if patients can keep themselves away from triggers and can stay sober, outpatient planning may be the best.

It takes longer and includes therapies, and support group sessions for you, and your family members. During this time, you should take sober tests several times within a day.

Sometimes, patients need to take pills. In these cases, plans include medicine control.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In general, inpatient care is the most recommended and best effective way of rehabilitation.

The duration of this option is at least 30 days. It includes meetings with the therapist, alone and with your family, support group sessions, and classes to learn ways of staying sober.

During this whole period, you live in the center and pass your recovery there. Nurses and other professionals take care of you and keep you under control. If the patient needs medical control, nurses help them to take pills on time.

Sometimes, 30 days are not enough, or vice versa, it is more than the patient needs. For them, there are short and long-term plans. So, it can last from 2 weeks to 90 days.

Prices and Payment Methods

Rehabilitation costs depend on many factors. It includes traveling costs, a recovery plan, the facility you choose, professionals that will work with you, etc. But, fortunately, many facilities accept private insurance. Many of them offer a special payment plan. So, check with the administration and gather all required documents.

Also, there are government-funded programs. this means that all or a part of your expenses will be covered by public funds. To learn more about them, find their location, and get registered call 866-716-0142.