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Rehabs in Carroll

Rehabs in Carroll

Carrol is a county with a population of 29,245 people located in southwestern Virginia. It has a beautiful mountain landscape with a part lying in the Appalachian Mountains. Hillsville is the largest city and the seat. It is home to educational and medical institutions.

In addition, the city is known for holding various events one of them being the Hillsville Flea Markets. It is a big market attracting vendors from the United States and abroad.

Despite many advantages, the province just like many others in Virginia has drug problems. Moreover, the data provided by the health department shows 4 Virginians died of opioid overdose in 2020. Some sources also suggest that the province serves as a corridor for opioid flow.

When searching for rehabs in Carroll county, one will hardly find many options. However, some centers are closed. This article will discover the ways to find the best options as soon as possible.

Substance Abuse Treatment

When a person is suffering from substance use disorder, it harms his/her life in many ways. In general, any treatment has its stages. Rehabilitation from drug misuse also has phases that are of critical importance.


This is the process of assessing a patient’s condition to determine what treatment he/she needs. The counselor asks the patient to complete a questionnaire. Equally important is to present all details related to your addiction history, relapses you had in the past and the medications you received.

Once you answer all the questions, the doctor will also assess your mental condition. Addiction is usually accompanied by mental disorders. Thus, it is crucial to undergo comprehensive rehabilitation to address all problems.


The next vital stage is detox which is the process of cleaning your body of toxins. For a person to achieve lasting recovery, he or she must get well-rounded care. This means getting rid of chemical dependence but stage by stage.

The immediate rejection of all drugs may lead to harmful consequences. A person faces withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to handle without medical staff. In addition, patients often need medication-assisted treatment. There are opiates like methadone that help in overcoming dependence. However, the medication should be prescribed by a doctor.

Inpatient Care

People suffering from severe symptoms have to consider intensive care. The drug-free environment of residential facilities will allow patients to achieve sobriety faster. Some centers involve families to have better results. In addition to group sessions, family workshops are also a useful method.

The addict may also suffer from co-occurring disorders. In particular, such issues as depression or anxiety are common. Those are also effectively treated through comprehensive services.

Outpatient Care

People with milder symptoms often choose an outpatient model. It is a more flexible approach to dealing with the problem. On the positive side, you can continue your daily activities.

This is also a way of transitioning from a residential program to recovery. Once you finish inpatient therapy you have to take responsibility and continue healing courses. Otherwise, there is a danger of facing a relapse.


Aftercare is critical for an individual’s lasting recovery. Such programs are usually available at outpatient centers. These services help addicts to adapt to everyday community life. Support groups and participation in alumni programs are good options.

In order to achieve full recovery, some choose sober living homes. These homes often transition from intensive therapy to normal life. The residents learn how to stay drug-free in a community environment.

Payment Options in Carroll County Rehab Centers

Payment-related issues are naturally a challenge before enrolling in any program. The good news is there are different ways to cover rehabilitation. The most popular one is insurance which may provide partial or full coverage.

In any case, it’s better to contact the facility to learn more about payment methods. There is a chance that you are eligible for the state-funded Medicaid program. In this case, it will be much easier to enroll.

Most importantly there is no fixed price. The rates vary based on the services and amenities. Another variant is to raise funds through crowdfunding or apply for a loan.