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Rehabs in Pittsylvania

Rehabs in Pittsylvania

Pittsylvania is a county in the state of Virginia United States. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of about 60,500 people.

Nowadays, given the prevalence of substance abuse, the addiction crisis is a significant and worrying problem in this province. As a result, Rehabs in Pittsylvania County, Virginia were established in addition to providing treatment as well as informing the locals how to avoid the addiction and its drawbacks.

The article below discusses the treatment options as well as special programs designed in Pittsylvania County to help the residents and reduce the addiction rate.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

As of recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) substance abuse has become a major problem in the state of Virginia recently. Like in the other states of the US, and in Virginia as well, opioids are one of the most common substances.

What concerns Pittsylvania County, during the last 4-5 years the use of different dependencies has risen. As a result, there were recorded 10% more overdose deaths and criminal cases done under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The consumption and purchase of it continue to spread daily and, unfortunately, more people get access to it.

So, because of such problems rehabilitation centers are to reduce these indicators as much as possible. In Virginia, local authorities and Pittsylvania County rehabs do their best to support the residents.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

If a person finds himself or any relative struggling with dependency on alcohol or drugs, he or she must immediately apply to a counselor. The first step of starting the treatment is going for an evaluation. During the assessment process, the specialist sees the real picture of the mental state and accordingly understands what kind of treatment the client needs. The results will determine what program the patient needs and whether he or she experiences any co-occurring diseases.

The Crossroads Treatment Center Of Danville offers evaluation services conducted by experienced and educated specialists. It is one of the best and most reliable places where someone may receive the required individual care. The clients are also free to make an appointment before their visit by calling the following phone number: (434) 793-4931 or paying a visit to their local office: 1555 Meadowview Dr., Suite 5, in Danville, VA 24541.


No matter what type of care the client enrolls in, it must include a detoxification phase. The goal of detox is to rid the body of poisonous chemicals by forcing the person to give up all forms of addiction. Naturally, everything is quite difficult at first, and it seems as though nothing will work out. But once that crucial time has passed, everything returns to a normal and stable life.

The body will not require these medicines or alcohol once it can stop using them. Their continued use will only make things worse and more repulsive. Therefore, it will work out if the patient is truly concerned about this matter and is willing to conquer all the obstacles, surely, by enduring some deprivations.

Treatment Programs in Pittsylvania County Rehabs

After detox, the therapists will guide the patient to enter either inpatient care or outpatient care. The centers in this province generally offer both of them. Inpatient care includes individual and group therapies depending on the patient's desire. However, in this case, the client needs to stay at the recovery center during the whole treatment. Meanwhile, when enrolling in an outpatient program, there is no need to stay at the rehab all day but meanwhile, it provides access to all the necessary therapies.

Both programs also include family therapies where the couples or family members take part together. This helps them to be on each other’s side in a hard phase and instead of destroying their family, overcome the problem together.

The county rehabs also offer special programs provided to patients who have a dual diagnosis. There are also several special programs for adult men and women, as well as teenagers and children. Moreover, certain rehabs focus on people struggling with addiction who have experienced domestic or sexual violence or have passed traumas and mental health issues.

Payment Options and Costs

The rehabilitation programs that the patient select usually determine the treatment's costs. It may range from $100 to $40.000. However, not always people can afford the recovery. Thus, there are several financial aid programs developed by states or centers. First of all, almost all facilities accept payments by insurance. Secondly, in case the insurance is not a working option, the clients may apply for Medicare and Medicaid. Besides, the center itself may offer a sliding fee scale based on the client’s income.