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Rehabs in Mathews

Rehabs in Mathews

Mathews is a county in Virginia that is popular with Richmond's capital city. There is the most competitive Richmond University. The population is 8,533. Mathews County was founded following Virginia's independence from Great Britain in 1791.

It is a very quiet and calm county with a lot of traditions. The kilometers of beachfront properties in Mathews and its prominent placement on the Chesapeake Bay are the two most notable features. There are hot summers and cold winters.

So, why can most families not move and live in this county? The problem is drug and alcohol addiction, which has become a real tragedy in this region. You may find several rehabs in Mathews County, Virginia. Keep reading and find out why it is important to go to rehab.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

People usually abuse heroin and fentanyl, which can result in slow and shallow breathing, coma, and death. Chronic heroin use has several harmful side effects, including physical dependency, tolerance, and degradation of the white matter of the brain.

The statistics show that the number increased after 2014. With 2.6% of the population afflicted, Mathews had the highest frequency of people experiencing severe depressive episodes in 2016. On average, primary care doctors visit 2,200 patients yearly. This is a rise of 0.228% over the previous year (2,195 patients).

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

The evaluation is the first step toward recovery. During this phase, therapists explore what the patients need and which type of programs suit them: detox, inpatient, or outpatient. Drug evaluation identifies the patient's needs and further recovery.

It is very important to start the healing from an initial assessment. Usually, evaluation includes counseling, advisory, and analysis. The latter helps to figure out what your current health condition is. Based on the results, it provides appropriate treatment.

Treatment Costs

A lot of people do not go to rehab, as they think that it is expensive. The U.S. government supports programs and provides grants to cover up to 100% of the treatment cost.

For example, there are special grants for alcohol education such as Alcohol Education and Prevention Grants. Community coalitions, law enforcement, nonprofits, educational institutions, colleges and universities, houses of worship, and organizations involved in prevention are just a few of the organizations that are eligible to apply.

For a 30-day program, some inpatient recovery centers in Mathews County may charge approximately $6,000. Luxury facilities can charge up to $20,000 for a 30-day program. The typical cost for people who need 60- or 90-day programs might range between $12,000 and $60,000.

Forcing a Teen Into Rehab

Forcing teens into treatment centers is the most difficult part for every parent. Some of them do not talk with their child because they think that it is just depression and it will pass in a while. Parents need to be with their children.

If you want to succeed, follow the advice below:

  • First of all, do not engage in a conflict. Instead, adopt a soothing tone when speaking with your teen.

  • Instead of shoving them out, you should try to persuade them naturally.

  • Talk to a close friend or relative about the matter if you're having no luck.

  • Then, talk to your teen about the bad sides of using drugs like overdoses, imprisonment, career and job losses and more.

  • Show them that it is the best path that they can pursue.

  • Finally, say that rehab is a chance for them to recover fully and live a sober life. Moreover, they should know that a clinic is better than home treatment.

However, you should also take into consideration that people under 17 years old and younger can be put into rehab without their consent. \